Our workforce is used to working to close tolerances: materials and workmanship are of first-class quality. Hand finishing operations are minimized by our accuracy achieved during the rolling operation.
Optimum guiding during roll-bending prevents distortion of the profile and maximum support on the web and flanges prevents collapse of the material.

High quality standards are rigidly adhered to.


General Rolling Works operates the largest section roll- bending machine in the country. The company uses the latest technology to roll-bend all standard sections — from the smallest to the largest sections. Special sections, such as window and builders’ sections are also rolled by the company. A full set of rolling dies are available for roll-bending of all standard sizes of pipe without filling. Our workshop team of highly skilled experts is well equipped to work to complex drawings and lay-outs.


Our experience is largely the result of many years of close liaison with our customers. General Rolling has been in the business of cold roll-bending of sections for many years and the company has the most experienced workforce in this field in South Africa. The Company has established a reputation for rolling high quality flanges, pipe bends, crawl beams and arches for use in a variety of applications.